The Latest Packaging &
Product Design Trends

Welcome to our exclusive Design Trend guide, where we handpick 3 x product & packaging design trends in the market that are shaping the landscape of creativity, invention, and Google searches. In this document, we delve into each of these trends, providing you with insights to keep you one step ahead in this fast-changing world of design and innovation.

Product design trends.

Powdered beverages surge into the mainstream market.

Powdered beverages have surged into the mainstream market, gaining traction not only for their eco-consciousness but also for their convenience. As more brands prioritise reducing single-use plastic, powdered drinks are making their mark.

By opting for powdered alternatives, brands significantly minimise shelf and shipping space requirements, ultimately cutting down on shipping costs.

The elimination of single-use bottles notably reduces plastic consumption, all without the need to transport unnecessary water. This practical approach resonates and aligns with environmentally conscious consumers.

Finally, powdered beverage mixes offer extended shelf lives, thanks to the slower breakdown of nutrients compared to their liquid counterparts.

Mycelium leather makes its mark.

Brands spanning multiple industries are opting for mycelium leather (aka ‘Mylo’) as a sustainable and vegan-friendly alternative.

Mycelium leather closely resembles animal leather while offering eco-conscious consumers and organisations a guilt-free choice that has zero association with animal cruelty and / or carbon emissions.

The production of mycelium leather emits fewer greenhouse gases, uses less water, and requires less land compared to animal leather. Additionally, as a plant-based product, it is biodegradable and compostable, thus reducing waste in landfills.

Mycelium leather is here to stay with several mainstream brands adopting the material with open arms for garment, handbag and fitness accessory designs. Pictured on the left is Lululemon’s first mushroom leather bag, crafted from a shell of 100% recycled nylon with mycelium leather accents.

High quality company swag reigns supreme.

Time to bid farewell to branded pens and lanyards as high-quality company swag is stealing the spotlight.

It’s no secret that company swag has had its fair share of criticism in the past. Whether it’s outdated mousepads or a flimsy pens that don’t work, branded swag often leaves much to be desired.

But there are countless ways to elevate your company swag game as this is one of the hottest trends in gifting for 2024, especially amongst employees and teams.

Think branded tote bags, custom socks, popsockets for smartphones, stainless steel straws and more; whatever the fix, it’s got to be high-quality to fit with this trend.

And given our relentless focus on quality (plus, our love for all things product design and gifting), we’re here for this trend through and through.

Packaging design trends.

Packaging & Product Trends 3

Multi-functional packaging allows customers to interact with your brand.

The overarching goal of Multi-Functional Packaging (AKA ‘Interactive Packaging’ or ‘Smart Packaging’) is to infuse your packaging design with versatility, allowing consumers to engage directly with your brand.

Positive engagement with your brand can trigger various benefits when it comes to consumer behaviour; think word of mouth, customer loyalty, increased sales and revenue, and more. So how are brands embracing this 2024 packaging design trend?

Physical Interactivity

Packages are transformed / repurposed for functional engagement with the product. For example, envision sandwich packaging that folds into a makeshift paper plate, or a bottle that doubles as a bouquet of flowers.

Packaging & Product Trends 2

Sensory Engagement

This is another avenue that brands can leverage as part of the Smart Packaging trend where interactive packages can stimulate our senses in clever ways. Examples might include scratch-and-sniff labels, materials that change texture with heat, or even auditory elements that activate upon opening.

Mimetic packaging emulates its contents.

Packaging that mimics its contents, known as ‘Mimetic’ or ‘Mimicking Packaging’, is a clever approach that enhances the consumer experience and brand recognition. This type of packaging often mirrors the appearance, texture, or shape of the product inside, creating a visual and tactile connection between the packaging and its contents.

For example, the image on the right that’s inspired by the banana peel for a 100% natural vegan snack: Bananostafido. The packaging mimics the experience of peeling a banana with its designated perforated area for easy opening, complete with a hand-applied logo sticker and inner surface colour that’s reminiscent of a banana peel.

Mimetic packaging not only captures attention on store shelves but it also serves to communicate key attributes of the product, such as flavour, freshness, or natural ingredients. It offers a unique and memorable way for brands to differentiate themselves in a crowded market and engage consumers on a sensory level.

Packaging & Product Trends 3

Plantable packaging for a greener planet.

Plantable packaging embodies the zero-waste principle like nothing else. By embedding seeds within its material, after product consumption, the packaging can be planted, resulting in flowers or plants.

It serves as a sustainable solution for products typically packaged in traditional paper formats like small boxes, inserts, and box fillers. Crafted from post-consumer materials and embedded with seeds, this biodegradable paper leaves no waste behind, growing into something beneficial for the environment, particularly pollinator plants like wildflowers, which support declining honeybee populations.

Important to note that plantable packaging offers more than just environmental benefits. When consumers plant the packaging and see flowers or herbs grow, it makes the product experience more interactive, which can make people feel more connected to your brand.

The world of packaging & product design is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and these trends are your compass to navigate the future.


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