How long does it take to create custom packaging or a custom product?2023-08-23T07:37:32+00:00

Timelines depend on whether or not molds need to be opened, printing plates made, die lines created, whether it’s a new from-scratch development or a tweak to an existing item.

These are the steps we work through when creating custom packaging or products:

  1. We take the initial enquiry and discuss your needs to fully understand the requirements.
  2. Our design team brainstorms options based on the brief.
  3. We mock up some samples to see if our concept works.
  4. We show you the mock up, and if you’re happy we’ll quote a price to create this packaging/product.
  5. If the price works within budget we’ll then create a physical mock up for you to ‘play with’ and test out.
  6. If the physical mock up gets the thumbs up it’s time to place an order and then we’ll provide die lines for you to drop your artwork in.
  7. We create a printed sample so you can see the final outcome of the packaging.
  8. If the printed pre-production sample is approved, we’ll go to bulk production.
  9. Once the goods finish production, we have bulk samples randomly selected from production for us to check quality and we’ll have the goods inspected by a third party inspection company. If they pass both the quality checks we then ship the stock to your requested destination.

Generally it takes around 4 months to develop, produce and ship products that don’t require a mold.

How much does custom packaging cost?2023-08-23T07:37:26+00:00

Custom packaging is hugely varied, so the cost depends how complex your design needs to be. Sampling and development costs mainly depend on whether a mold or printing plate needs to be created for the specific design. All these factors will be presented up front so you will be very clear on what the product will cost to develop before choosing to go ahead.

What industries do you make packaging and products for?2023-08-23T07:37:20+00:00

Nextpack predominantly creates packaging and product for the Food/Beverage, Cosmetics/Beauty, Clothing and Lifestyle industries. We’ve worked on everything from delicate custom made champagne glasses to large wooden boxes for the wine industry. If you are in another industry that’s ok – we’re happy to chat and will let you know if we can help with your needs.

What is the minimum order for custom packaging?2023-08-23T07:37:08+00:00

Minimum order quantities (MOQs) depend on complexity of style. Most orders have a minimum of 1000 units for production. From time to time we are able to help out and do smaller volumes, but keep in mind that creating at scale is always more cost efficient.

Do you work with start ups?2023-08-23T07:37:02+00:00

Yes – we value innovation so are excited to share the journey of development and growth with driven start ups. Minimum quantities apply but we are happy to discuss your custom packaging needs.

What information do I need to prepare to get a quote for packaging?2023-08-23T07:36:57+00:00

If you are looking for packaging for an existing item with only an artwork or size change, we can quote quickly if you provide the existing artwork, required quantity to be made and delivery location. For new packaging designs we’ll need to know more about the product and requirements – fill out the form on our contact page and we’ll be in touch to discuss.

What happens if I don’t know exactly how my packaging should be?2023-08-23T07:36:51+00:00

It’s ok – that’s why we’re here! We’ve been working in packaging design for over 20 years and there are a lot of options – we don’t expect you to know them all. We’ll make suggestions after hearing your requirements, and will work through the design process with you.

Where do you manufacture?2023-08-23T07:36:44+00:00

We have a network of trusted manufacturers throughout Asia. All our factories are leaders in their field so quality is always ensured. Our Sydney-based design team work in partnership with our factories to turn around all projects quickly and successfully.

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